1. Only for regular season. In the case of ties we will go into the post season if necessary.
  2. Customers that have made at least one $25 deposit since 7/1/2018 are eligible to play in the contest.
  3. ONE ENTRY PER CUSTOMER. Customers found using multiple accounts to play will be disqualified. Customers' with youwager and betpop accounts can only use one.


Each week (a week for us goes by the Official Don Best rotation schedule) you can make up to 3 selections off the entire NFL board (sides only).

This means you can make any of the following:

No Selection

				1 Selection

				2 Selections

				3 Selections

You can only make 1 selection per team. You cannot choose the same team for all 3 selections. Each selection MUST be unique.

ATS Win= 1 point

				ATS Loss= -1 point

				Push= 0 points

Keep in mind that a ATS Loss is a negative number. If you end the week with 2 wins and a loss you earn only 1 point.

1+1+(-1)= 1

Points accumulate throughout the season. At the end of the regular NFL season the top 10 spots will be paid.

  • Lines are static.
  • Lines in the handicapping contest may not reflect actual betting lines.
  • Lines go up Tuesday and come down 12:45 PM EST on Sunday.
  • Games that fall outside the normal Sunday-Monday range will come down 15 minutes before game time on the day of the game.

Prize Breakdown

The prize pool is a $15,000 Free Play

The prize distribution:

  1. $5,000
  2. $3,000
  3. $2,500
  4. $1,500
  5. $1,000
  6. $800
  7. $600
  8. $300
  9. $150
  10. $150

Note: Only the top ten players are paid, not position in the contest.

If five players are tied for second place, they would take up the prize pool spots 2-6. The prize money will be added for these spots and divided amongst the tied players. It is possible to come in "5th place" and not make the final cut if there are many players tied in the 1st thru 4th spot.

Below is an example

  • $5,000 Jim 1st
  • $3,000 John T 2nd
  • $2,500 Joe T 2nd
  • $1,500 Steve T 2nd
  • $1,000 Rob 3rd
  • $800 Jack 4th
  • $600 Bob T 5th
  • $300 Rick T 5th
  • $150 Greg T 5th
  • $150 James T 5th

In this example, the 3 prizes for those tied for 2nd place would be added together and split amongst the three players. Each one would receive $2,333

The four players tied for the 5th spot the bottom four prizes are added and split equally amongst the four players. Each player tied for 5th would get $300

Any questions you have please send to

Comment Section Rules

In the past there's been little policing of the comments area. We don't want to police the comments and if it becomes necessary to police the comments on a regular basis it's easier to just turn them off. We don't want to do that.

Please be nice and have fun.

If you have questions about the rules below contact, DO NOT CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Commenting on the Message Board is a Privilege NOT a Right

  • The contest doesn't require you to comment and interact with the other players. If you can't comment that doesn't mean you can't play.
  • If you are easily offended the comment section probably isn't for you. If you can't follow the rules you will lose your posting privileges. Writing offensive emails to customer service isn't going to get you back your posting rights.
  • Posting privileges decisions and rule enforcement is at management's discretion.

Do NOT Contact Customer Service About the Message Board

  • Any question, comment, or problem send to
  • Allow up to 24 hours for a response
  • Customer Service is no longer dealing with the message board.

Complaining about other players to get them banned, have their commenting privileges taken away, etc. is not tolerated.

Players that break the rules below will have their posting privileges taken away.

But not liking someone or what they say (as long as it doesn't break the rules) isn't a good enough reason to complain about that player.

If you can't follow this rule you will have Your posting privileges taken away.

Do NOT Share Personal Information

  • No last names
  • No phone numbers
  • No account numbers
  • If you want to talk about your location you should be as general as possible.

Be Civil Towards One Another

  • Go light on the obscenities. Everyone playing is an adult, but that doesn't excuse constant cursing or other objectionable language. If you wouldn't say it in an office setting, don't say it here.

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. comments are not tolerated. This should be obvious. Violations will result in the loss of posting privileges and possible disqualification from the contest.

  • Keep the topic on sports and/or betting. No politics, no religion, etc. No soapboxing. Keep the comments short and on point.

No advertising for products of any kind. No tout services, line service, stat services, or services of any kind. There is immediate disqualification for anyone who violates this rule.

The message board is not monitored regularly by customer service and is not a substitute for sending an email or calling in. Don't post Account issues here, contact customer service via one of the standard methods.